Tantra by Nadja

Tantra, also called tantric yoga or tantra yoga, is a ritual practice from the Vedic tradition, aimed at spiritual expansion and liberation.

Tantric sex or sexual Yoga refers to a wide range of practices carried on in Hindu and Buddhist tantra to exercise sexuality in a ritualized or yogic (yoga) context,.

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Tantra by Nadja

I am Nadja.
I have come through many shadows, and I am well aware of the sadness of loss, the pain of abuse, suffering, trauma and states of anxiety. Over time, I regained my power and found my way home again and again.

The medicines I offer come from all that I have worked for and on and the powers which I have acquired which will stimulate all your strength and provide care for your delicate wounds.
I deliver healing ointments called erotic pleasure and power, loving and nonjudgmental acceptance.

So bring me your war-weary body and aching soul, your “mess”, your anger and frustration, your sadness and fears. Bring me your confusion, limitations, questions and curiosity. Let us join our paths and I will walk by your side to lead, witness and celebrate your transformation as you regain your most powerful power!