Make a reservation with Nadja

* Please read the information on my website carefully before booking.
* Remember! To avoid misunderstandings or disappointments this is a MASSAGE SERVICE! So no sexual services will be provided!
* Sessions are held in my studio in Almere or an hotel in Almere selected by me (reservation by you; hotel room is at your expense).
* To make a reservation, send me an SMS / WhatsApp or by e-mail: hotel name (if different than I recommend), address and room number.
* Additional fee: euro 50 (distance over 10 km from Almere).
* Weekend price: additional 25% (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
* Please understand that during my busy massage hours, I cannot immediately respond to your Tantra massage request. In this case, send me an SMS / WhatsApp text message and I will reply as soon as possible.
* Personal hygiene should be common sense for anyone who wants to spend quality time during a massage. Therefore, always before starting the massage, please take a shower before your massage:)