Classic tantric massage “Kashmir”

A sensual ritual of awakening life that gives sexual energy, during which you pleasantly relax the body and mind. Includes a preliminary interview to build trust; stimulating massage, feather massage, relaxing full body massage with hot natural oil and Yoni and Lingam intimate massage during which you feel the increase and decrease of energy through your body with waves.

Classic tantric massage “Kashmir” 90 minutes / 230 €

“Deluxe” tantric massage

A luxurious tantric massage during which you will experience the best in tantric massage art of my experience. A relaxing and sensual full body massage with the use of oriental essential oils, feathers and lava stones for tense muscles. All this, including reflexology foot massage and energizing head massage and tantric breathing techniques, will prepare you perfectly for an intimate Yoni or Lingam massage, which is a natural part of a tantric massage and deepens your experience. The “Deluxe” tantric massage also includes prostate massage (for men).

* “Deluxe” tantric massage 90 minutes / 250 €
* “Deluxe” tantric massage 120 minutes / 320 €

Luxurious tantric massage for women “Angel”

It is a sensual, luxurious tantric massage that is appreciated mainly by women. Female sexuality is an endless space that becomes larger, the more intense and passionate we become, the more we engage in it.
The massage contains elements of the classic tantric massage, delicate energizing Tao techniques with the use of full body massage with hot rose oil. It also includes head and face massage. For deep relaxation, a careful pelvic massage is performed to release the energy flow. The climax of the celebration is an extended Yoni massage that transfers all life energy to all parts of the body. The ritual also includes selected music, fragrances, candles and flowers.

*Angel tantric massage 120 minutes / 320 €

Prostate massage “Male expansion”

Prostate massage is one of the most underrated sexual techniques. The prostate gland is often called the male “G” point and allows you to rediscover your sexuality and diversify your sex. Regular massage helps with health problems and is beneficial in acute ailments. It is also recommended during irregular sex life. Prostate massage starts from the outside as a massage of the perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus, and proceeds to direct massage through the anal opening.
Naturally, I take a gentle approach using a mild massage oil or lubricant.
A unique and deep massage awakens the energy of the first chakra and a feeling of bliss and inner fulfillment. Prostate massage can be ordered with classic tantric massage.

What are the benefits of prostate massage?

* Brings you deep intense and undiscovered feelings.
* Helps you discover a new (accepting) side of sexuality.
* Has medically proven beneficial health effects (helps prevent prostate cancer, erectile problems caused by prostate enlargement, and heals hemorrhoids).
* It connects the energy of our first chakra with our goals and visions.

Prostate massage “Male expansion” 60 minutes / 190 €

Touch is not a luxury, it is a basic human need …

Dance of the Fire Serpent

The specificity of this massage is that both the person giving the massage and the recipient, regardless of gender, enters their active female energy, i.e. Kundalini. The whole body is involved in the massage. The massager massages the body with serpentine movements. The touch is conscious, deep, slow and entwining. Sexual energy is activated, which if skillfully transformed, it activates the self-healing abilities of the body, opens us to ecstatic sensations and opens wide gates of perception.

It is a full body massage and includes Yoni and Lingam massage ritual.

* Tantric Massage Dance of the Fire Serpent 90 minutes / 250 €